Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Smokey eye makeup

I was tempted to start this eye makeup post with "What's black and blue and hot all over" but I respect you too much to go all cliche on you. So let's just jump right in, shall we?

It's quite easy to achieve when done correctly. I'm going to talk you through it step by step so you too can rock the smokey eye!
The smokey eye makeup is one of the most popular makeup styles when it comes to a more formal occasion as it can help enhance the look in the most outstanding manner. The fabulous fading effect can be created out of different color combinations so you can go for gold, greens, black and gray, etc. The most popular and most adorable look is given by the traditional smokey eye makeup which uses black and gray to create the fading eye catching effect that looks unbelievably sexy. Apply the smokey eye makeup and define your eyes even more using an eyeliner and mascara. Maintain your lips colored naturally by using a lip colored lipstick or a nude lipgloss and you will definitely capture all the attention.
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