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Alice Cullen Haircut | Alice Cullen Haircut New Moon

Alice Cullen Haircut. Get a brief pixie-like haircut.
1.Alice's pixie cut is concerning right down to her chin however higher in some places. you'll do that if your hair could be a tiny longer create definite you have got short layers.

Alice Cullen Haircut New Moon

2. Wash your hair before you vogue it. do that therefore you'll get out the sooner product in your hair.If you're taking a shower at nighttime blow dry your hair as usual.(optional)
3. created your straightener on HIGH or else it will not flip out right.
4. whereas your straightener is warming up spray your whole head of hair with a reliable hairspray, can|this may|this can} create it that the flip will keep in place before hand. additionally spray your hair "upside down" and shake your hair gently
alice cullen haircut twilight

5. just once you have got sprayed your hair take your heated straightener and grab a part of your hair, do not create the section to massive, and take the straightener and curve outward and inward on the hair to form definite it flips out in to styled dissray.
6. Repeat for every section of hair. try and create use of reliable hairspray and re-spray the aspect you started with initial then do the opposite aspect.

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2011 spring haircuts | 2011 spring haircuts for women

2011 spring haircuts. Spring is round the bend & everybody's excited for the anticipated revolution, however over that it's telling us to shake off the winter blues. & what higher thanks to try this than to smarten up your vogue with a brand new hairstyle?

Now you do not should rush in to a extreme alter while not consulting someone in-the-know to update your appearance. Your hair cut & vogue or maybe your hair color is as necessary as after you select a brand new wardrobe, therefore consult your hairdresser. they'd be within the best position to advise you on what is going to look nice with the kind of hair you've got, face form & skin tone.

2011 spring haircuts for women

Spring hairstyles for females demand glorious cuts that sing their own praises soft layers & wispy fringes for straightforward & versatile hair designs. it's the perfect time to bring out that soft female look to enrich open necklines, flowing floral materials & silky swish pastel makeup apt for the season.

2011 summer haircuts

It looks straightener is quickly relegated to the drawer, a minimum of till when the sunny seasons; soft textures & curls rule & can presumably dominate the hair waves within the following months. it's all that carefree, natural look with variant texture & not the maximum amount hair merchandise.

2011 Best Haircuts | Best Short Haircuts 2011

2011 Best Haircuts. Let's start with what proportion time you'll pay on styling. it is simple, . If you have got got kids to urge off to high school within the morning, employment that needs early arrival, or a lively lifestyle that does not permit for ample time to pay with a blow dryer & alternative tools, do not get yourself an advanced 'do that needs lots of your time. This doesn't insinuate you need to appear frumpy or unattractive, it means that you need to fine-tune your vogue to what you are able to accomplish within the quantity of your time you have got. think keeping length for a ponytail, get some headbands & clips to decorate up casual hair.

2011 bob haircuts

If you are a each day hair washer, additionally to the time dedication, you need to think the results of mechanical stress on your locks. If you are blowing it dry each day & using alternative tools like flat irons or curling tools, keep in mind that you need to have it cut additional usually yet as condition additional usually, & use correct styling product. as an example, smoothing serum if your hair is frizzy and/or dry. Heat defendors conjointly protect hair from blow dryers & alternative tools. this may increase your hair budget & need to be thought of. In case you furthermore may color your hair, this query is even additional vital to think. each day laundry is not counselled for color treated hair (irrespective of whether or not you highlight or otherwise color), since shampoo breaks down the colour alittle at a time, even sulfate free shampoos that are highly counselled.

2011 short haircuts

The affordability issue is additionally vital to think. selecting a haircut and/or color that desires attention each to 6 weeks if your budget is eight weeks, does not build sense. It does not matter how nice it is after you leave the salon in case you hate it weeks later with weeks to travel before your next visit. speak beside your stylist concerning what cut may last you longer, & the approach you'll best get through the few weeks before your next appointment.

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Popular short Asian bob hairstyles - 2012 Short Asian Bob Hairstyles

Popular short Asian bob hairstyles - 2012 Short Asian Bob Hairstyles

The short haircut is very popular in the last 2 years, and still hot this year, especially in Asian, just like Japan, Korea. Today we will update some popular short Asian bob hairstyles, hope you love it.

A messy short curly bob haircut with brown, black color.

2012 Short Korean bob haircut with bangs, this is a good short hairstyle for heavy hair.
 This is really a cute short bob hairstyle for Asian girls. A cute Korean girl with sleek short bob haircut.

A Japanese girl with medium short bob hair. The weaves and bangs are popular in Asian.

2012 short haircut: Another wavy bob haircut with blunt bangs.
short hairstyles 2012: A trendy short bob haircut for Asian girls.
2012 Asian bob hairstyles for girls: Another wavy bob haircut 
Short Japanese bob hairstyle 2012: layered short cut with bangs.

Asian bob haircut 2012: A Japanese girl with short center parted bob haircut.

A cute short Japanese bob hairstyle for girls.

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Latest women hairstyles 2012 - 2012 Hair Trends: Popular Hairstyles 2012

Latest women hairstyles 2012 - 2012 Hair Trends: Popular Hairstyles 2012

Short Medium Long hairstyles 2012

you want to achieve a new look in the coming year, then you will definitely want to consider a new hairstyle. With just a simple change to cut and color, you can have a whole new look that can be trendy, fashionable and modern. To get a hairstyle that you will love, you will want to know what options you have. The best thing to do would be to consider the popular hairstyles of 2012. You just might find a style that you will love. Here are some options that you could consider.

The Short Haircuts 2012

Right now, popular hairstyles of 2012 trend largely toward short styles. This is most likely because so many celebrities are choosing these short styles. We all know that celebrities are certainly the trendsetters when it comes to style! The short looks that are popular hairstyles of 2012 include everything from a dramatic extremely short pixie cut to a more classic layered bob.

Some of the popular styles to consider would be to take your cue from celebs like Keira Knightly and Emma Watson who are sporting a super short pixie cut. If you want something a little longer, consider the choppy layers that celebs like Kristin Cavallari are choosing.

The Medium length hair styles 2012

If you prefer something a little longer, then there are plenty of popular hairstyles in 2012 of medium length. For something modern, consider a shoulder sweeping bob. If the hair is cut in choppy ends, the look can be quite modern. Shoulder length curls are also popular for the coming year. If you choose a medium length style, make sure you use the right products to keep it modern and sophisticated. Pomades can be quite handy in creating straight, choppy looks. A volumizing spray can be useful to add height.

The Long hairstyles 2012

Some of the most popular hairstyles of 2012 are also quite long. Again, this would have to do with celebrity looks. Many celebrities like Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez are making these styles trendy. To keep the long strands from looking boring, the trend now is to include lots of texture. Beachy waves are especially popular and can be achieved through a texturizing spray that includes sugar or sea salt.

For a more defined long look, new hairstyles of 2012 also include sleek, choppy layers and sideswept bangs. To get the smooth, sleek look, you will need to make use of a quality flat iron and a straightening spray. Be careful that the hair does not get flat since popular styles now include plenty of body at the roots.

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Winter Hairstyle 2012 - Hot Fall Winter Hairstyle Trends 2012

Winter Hairstyle 2012 - Hot Fall Winter Hairstyle Trends 2012

Hairstyles How to choose a winter hairstyle

If you are looking for a Winter hairstyle trends it starts with all about angles, edges, cuts and feminine designs,from pretty pixies to sassy spikes, gamine glam, polished chic and the layered look for sliced, subtle,tapered and choppy haircuts give women the option of having face framing or flippy looks to flared and wispy.

Latest trends for winter hairstyles includes bangs, layers, retros and bobs:

Fringe bangs will sharpen up any short cut add shine to a pin straight finish you can wear your fringe over one eye with a slight part on the opposite side and use a comb to smooth out the hair with a flat iron for a sleek look.

Bangs can be cut in various exciting new ways from ultra full, angled, curvy or cropped,

whatever your hair type from thin and fine, to curly and thick to straight and medium you can achieve a sexy look with rounded bangs or lash length tresses.

You can have a soft feminine tousled look for many head turning beach waves, retro waves or coils to flirty crowns that leave your hair longer on the top and tapered near the nape of the neck and ears.

Retro crop with a hollywood glam look can be achieved with classic curls, edgy waves or baby fine flair in a variety of haircolors from auburn to chocolate browns to fiery reds or platinum blondes.

Mid-length locks allow for a bold statement since big hair is what is in right now of full bodied curls for volume,

for straight face framing layers to a classic chic chin length blunt cut my favorite would be the asymmetric design because of its strong jagged layers and heavy bangs create a shape of drama and fashion style.

Don't forget to add your clip on accessories for vintage glam.

Adding body to the hair with a curling iron or flat iron is a way to get a dramatic effect. If you choose to dye your hair a bold color like blue or pink it will look cute to add hair extensions for length or volume.

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Men HairStyle Tips 2012 - How To Spike Curly Hair For Men

Men HairStyle Tips 2012 - How To Spike Curly Hair For Men.

The spiked style of hair has increased in popularity as a favored hairstyle for men. This option is considered convenient in terms of maintenance among those with naturally straight strands but can be difficult to obtain for individuals with curlier locks. The following tips can provide a guide on how to spike curly hair and maintain this trendy look.

The process for a sleeker appeal begins with washing your tresses. Be sure to use shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed for wavier strands in order to provide extra protection against drying out and styling damage. It is best advised to include lightweight products for improved manageability and flexibility where cleaner strands are also easier to style.

Products which do not contain creamy contents will give curlier tresses a lighter feel and provide straighter strands which will be easier to transform into spikes. Once you have completed the process of shampooing and conditioning, rinse and simply pat dry with a towel. Do not completely dry your locks at this point but keep the strands fairly moist for improved manageability.

Use a wide toothed comb or larger hairbrush to untangle the strands and remove any frizz from developing. Narrow toothed combs should not be used in thicker, wavier hair as it simply causes damage to the locks. Remember to only untangle longer tresses when you have added moisture to it as attempting to comb through thick and dry locks could prove to be difficult and cause considerable breakage.

While the strands are still moist apply a fair amount of gel or wax that is designed for thick and curlier tresses. Depending on the appearance you desire, remember that gel will give your locks a wet look whereas wax will provide a matte appearance. Only use very small amounts of product on the strands as too much gel or wax will contribute to a rigid appearance.

Ensure even coverage of product through your locks as this will further contribute to a more natural appeal even providing the hair with some body and movement. The spiking process can occur once the gel or wax has been distributed evenly and involves using your fingers to create smaller spikes. One may also use a wide toothed comb to brush the strands in an upward motion for short spikes which will also appear more natural.

If larger spiking options are desired, simply place a small strand in between the fingers and proceed to twirl each piece into the determined shape. One can also limit the number of spikes on the head by placing a fair amount in the front and leaving the lengthier back area smooth. The length and number of spikes that an individual desires is completely dependent on personal preference and style.

Once you have obtained the desired look, to remove excess moisture go over the tresses with a blow dryer. Be sure to adjust the hairdryer settings to a low heat and blowing option to allow the style to settle and then add a spray in order to keep the locks in place. The process of how to spike curly hair is simple for obtaining a trendy hairstyle for men.

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Pakistani Henna Designs

Pakistani Henna Designs:Pakistani Mehndi Designs played a significant role in any festive ceremony as it was a part and parcel of Arabian,Indian and Pakistani culture. There are a plenty of designs that one can make on the hands and legs.  Pakistani Mehndi Designs are quite popular because of the beautiful motifs and outlines and their detailingI would love to hear your experiences of using Pakistani Mehndi designs. Please leave me a comment and let me know.
Most Looking good  and Attractive Pakistani Girls and Women s  Mehndi or Henna Design Photos and Pictures for the year 2011 are available here. when compared to other mehndi designs.

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Skin oily skin

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Hair

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Hands

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Skin

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Face

Mehndi Designs for indian hands

Mehndi Designs for indian hands:Indian girls to select most recent mehndi designs for hands.Mehndi Designs for indian hands

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Top 10 pakistani actress

 1. Zara Sheikh 
Pakistani fashion Model Zara Sheikh is extremely large name of the fashion world. Of-late, the model did another fashion photo shoot for Weekly Fashion Magazine.
Zara Sheikh – born June 1, 1982 in Lahore, the picturesque metropolis of the Punjab province – is a famous Pakistani model-turn- actress and singer too. She began her career through an ad campaign for Pakistan’s top cellular phone network Mobilink working as a full-time model before making her debut on the cinema-screen.

2. Gia Ali 
 Gia Ali is a Pakistani model and an actress. Coming from a Punjabi Christian family Ali began her career at the age of nineteen when she was discovered while working at a Pakistani salon. Ali was introduced to Sajjad Gul, a producer, who signed her to play a role in the movie Deewaney Terey Pyar Key. Following the success of the film, Ali acted in several movies that consolidated her success while continuing to travel between Lahore and Karachi for modeling assignments. She has four other brothers.

3.Iman Ali

Iman Ali is a Pakistani actress.Iman Ali was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is the daughter of television/film actor Abid Ali In 2007,She is most popular actress in Pakistan. Pakistani actress Iman Ali looks gorgeous. Iman Ali is one of the best choice Pakistani actresses. Iman Ali's film industry name is Iman Ali. She is a well-known celebrity of Pakistan.


 Twenty-one year old Meera is often referred to as the Madhuri Dixit of Pakistan in her country. She began her acting career at the age of 14 in 1996 with a movie named Chief Saab, which was directed by Javed Sheikh.


Anjuman came from Multan to Lahore. Her first appearance was, however, in the Urdu film, Waadey ki Zanjeer (1979). She had major roles in Sher Khan and Chan Varyam and played a side-role in Sala Sahib. All three films were diamond jubilee hits and were released on the same day, a unique record, which she shared with her partner hero Sultan Rahi, her playback voice (singer) Melody Queen Madam Noor Jehan, and musician Wajahat Attre. Anjuman was a darling of the relatively less educated class, which went to the cinema frequently. She could dance according to their taste and she had the figure of a traditional Punjabi Mutyaar, which suited Punjabis at the time.

6. Zeba

She is a film actress from Pakistan. Her real name was Shaheen, but she adopted the name Zeba. She starred in the 1966 film Arman which was produced by actor and producer Waheed Murad. Zeba started her film career from Karachi where producer Noor Mohammad Khan offered a role of heroine in his film Zindagi. But she didn’t act in this picture instead she accepted role in another Karachi made film Shakir, with a leading role with Arif as hero, which was eventually released in 1962 with a different name Chiragh Jalta Raha. Other debut cast were Mohammad Ali and Kamal Irani.

7.Babra Sharif

The face of a baby, the figure of a Barbie doll and the nerves of steel make this damsel one of the timeless queens of Pakistan film industry . A talented actress who has performed several memorable roles on both the mini and silver screens. Babra is one of the most versatile actresses that Lollywood has ever produced .Babra Sharif was the foremost figure in the Pakistani film industry during the 1980s and late 1970s.Her first film was Shamim Ara's Bhool in 1974. She had great success in Urdu films in Pakistan.

8.Reema Khan
Reema Khan is the Pakistani Actress who born on October 27, 1971 . She is popularly known as Reema. She is also director and producer in the film industry. She has done more than 200 movies and lot of awards to her credit.

9 Saima

He is a Pakistani actress from Multan, who appears in Punjabi and Urdu films.[1]Saima’s debut was directed by Akram Khan. She was cast for the main lead in Khatarnaak, in 1990. She was discovered at the time when Sultan Rahi was the leading hero. The success ofSyed Noor’s film Choorian made her a house hold name over night. Saima has worked in over two hundred films. She is the brand ambassador for Tarang Milk andWarid Telecom. Her movie Majajan was a commercial hit of 2009. IN 2010 she gave another hit movie wohti leke jani hai to lollywood


Getting hold of Resham for an interview proves to be quite an uphill task. The sultry celebrity is busy looking after her ailing niece, and the frequent trips to the hospital has stressed her out.