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More Cute Emo Girls Image Gallery (Hairstyles)

Rainbow bangs and thick rimmed specs, how could you go wrong? Great emo look!

emo hair

Little emo bow clip in a sea of platinum blonde hair...cooooool (I know I am corny but what else can one say about so much emo hair, the hairstyles speak for themselves)

Awesome Emo hair.

Gorgeous sandy blonde emo hair.

This is very cool emo hair. Great contrast between the silvery platinum blonde and the black and pink hair.

How many clips can you fit in your hair? Imagine this girl going through a metal detector lol!

I like emo hair, but how many clips are too much? do you think this is too much? or are you quite happy to go to scchool tomorrow with your hair done like this?

Nice and shiny natural emo hair. The bangs are cut in a great way to make the eyes stand out, even without copious amounts of eyeliner.

Blonde emo hair, nice side bangs.

Platinum blonde emo hairstyle

Cool piercings! Awesome emo hair

Cute emo hairstyle plus loads of eyeliner

Another post dedicated to emo girls because emo girls are awesome, great, fantastic and simply the best ;) Check out the insane emo hairstyles, they don't really need an introduction as they are A W E S O M E.

Check it out for yourselves!

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