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Women Weight Lifting

Women Weight Lifting
You have heard the belief before…. weightlifting creates females “bulky” looking.

Before we move on to the advantages of bodyweight lifting for females, we’ll make sure to completely discount the idea of becoming too muscle too fast with weightlifting.

Most significantly, females do not produce enough of the sex hormonal agent androgen hormonal agent or testosterone to successfully build a lot of muscles. As you might have seen in newspapers, there are exceptions– most, if not all of these women exclusions are taking given or androgen hormonal agent or testosterone therapy to obtain the weight training look.

Second, you need to eat a extra of energy in order to the proper way. This creates getting any kind of bodyweight difficult due to the metabolic qualities of weightlifting.

What are the advantages of bodyweight lifting for women?

    * Improved metabolism
    * Improved bone density
    * Lowered human excess weight percentage
    * Ab muscles of muscles
    * Increase flexibility
    * Deal with off hypokinetic diseases
    * Reduce stress levels
    * Improve quality of sleep

With all of these advantages, the answer that most females are looking for is the added potential for fat loss. Penn State Higher education found in a 2009 study that by choosing loads instead of the treadmill machine 3 times per weeks time females lost 40% more human excess weight than the cardio exercise only group. The results are due to the fat burning qualities of bodyweight lifting in addition to the servicing of muscles on a fat limited diet.

The best part about it does not stop there… by employing weightlifting into your workout routines, you burns up up up to 70% more total calories! Extreme bodyweight lifting can not only go with the number of energy expended through traditional cardio exercise work, but it also gives your metabolic process a increase for the next 24 – 36 hours. This is due to the metabolic process enhancing effects of active  cells use and EPOC (excess post-exercise fresh air consumption), which is the additional energy/calorie get rid of after you’ve ceased training. The best way for females to increase EPOC is to add weightlifting into their selection 3-4 times weekly and reduce the amount of rest between sets during those periods.
Women Weight Lifting

Women Weight Lifting

Women Weight Lifting

Women Weight Lifting

Women Weight Lifting
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