Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures Of Hairstyles For Black Women

Guide sophisticated haircut is one of a very liberal use of airbrushing and very consistent. It is much more extreme than just the removal of a scar or a pimple. Every woman in every recent issue alone, it seems, has been remarkably airbrush. It is unclear whether the changes were automated in Photoshop, or if someone asked him through each image and make all changes manually. In any case, the editors do not allow any pictures with spots on the face even though it is a magazine about hair and makeup does not care or skin. There is no obvious sign of hair have been rigged.

Most women are young, so it makes little sense. It is like removing wrinkles. Why does everyone have to be with their faces more Photoshop work? Many of the small images are close-ups, but they have improved. Would not this have a negative impact on women, promoting the perfection as the standard (unreachable)? One suspects that the motivation is simply to avoid offending stars by posting images that are not entirely flattering. But it is neither normal nor necessary, because none of the magazines haircut others do an extreme way. This makes the women look artificial.

SHG has no photos of black women! You might think this is racist if you do not know any better. The truth is they have a sister publication called Sophisticated Black Hair Styles and Care Guide that focuses exclusively on African American women. The editors did not initiate the division between the races, black women have different hair texture and traditionally go to salons that have expert cutting and styling it.

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